Otium Omen

Project by Martina Giovene & Stefano Massoletti (2019)
Curated by Davide Lanza

Otiumomen was an art project by Martina Giovene (graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna) and Stefano Massoletti (graduated in Electronic Engineering and Communication Technologies) which involved graphic design, photography, sculpture, electronics, and music.

Inspired by Genoa's walls juxtaposition of street art, graffitis and Christian votive sculptures, the idea was to exploit pre-existing statuary elements creating visual clashes of tones and colors. In the visual works here presented, the contrast between classical sculpture and pop art is accentuated by the use of black and white photos together with vivid pastel colors for the drawings.

Two sculptures have been realized as well, to locate them in the urban environment. They were designed including electronic components such as speakers and an Arduino controller.

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